gambia birding tour

18 Day Guided Tour in The Gambia and Senegal

A 18-Day specialised schedule tour with Karanta Camara

Scheduled Date

21st January to 8th February 2025

Tour Overview

Travel through Gambia and Senegal for 18 days of bird watching. Start from the peaceful Kotu Creek and dense Brufut Woods to Kartong Wetlands’ lively ecosystems among others. Get to see various kinds of birds such as Kingfishers, Oriole Warbler and Little Bee-eater as you walk through Killy forest and Kampanti Rice fields. Observe the rustic nature of Tendaba Camp and Saloum Delta which is habitat for African Fish Eagle or White Crested Tiger Bittern may be seen. From there on, visit Djoudj National Bird Park in Kousema Island, Niokolokoba Reserve and eventually until leopards, antelopes or other species get spotted at the safari in Niokolokoba Park. The itinerary ends at Kotu Creek where we started; this trip is a complete exploration of West Africa’s unique birds with the scenic beauty that is characterized by nature.

Tour Itinerary

What is included?

Airport Transfer

Double or twin accommodation

Food, Water Bottle

Park Fee


Activities as described

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7 Day Guided Tour in The Gambia

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14th March, 2024