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14 Day Guided Tour in The Gambia and Senegal

Tour Overview

Embark on a bewildering 14-day birdwatching and nature tour through The Gambia and Senegal with Gambia Birding Tours. Delve into the varied habitats of coastal Bijilo, luscious woodlands of Brufut, and green surrounds of Abuko Nature Reserve. Explore both the North and South shores of The Gambia, seeing a wide range of birds from powerful raptors to melodic songbirds. Head over to Senegal for an unforgettable visit to the Swallow-Tailed Kite roosting site and hike around abundant wildlife in Niokolokoba Park. Return back to The Gambia for more birding ventures down South banks before finally concluding your journey with memories you’ll keep forever. With expert guides and immersive experiences, this tour ensures that you will never forget the avian treasures you witness in West Africa. Contact us now to secure a spot!

Tour Itinerary

What is included?

Airport Transfer

Double or twin accommodation

Food, Water Bottle

Park Fee


Activities as described

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7 Day Guided Tour in The Gambia

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Scheduled Date

14th March, 2024