gambia birding tour

11 Day Guided Tour in The Gambia

An 11-day guided tour with Karanta Camara in The Gambia

Trip Overview

Join an 11-day birding adventure in The Gambia’s wondrous, colorful landscapes and rich biodiversity. Starting in Lemon Creek Hotel, famous for its incredible variety of birds, with each day you will have different chances to meet many species. From Kotu Creek’s vibrant area to the Tanji Bird Reserve on the coast. And from Gunjur forest’s greenery to Tendaba Camp’s breathtaking views. Every place guarantees new sights and opportunities for amazing pictures. Once you cross into North Bank, you’ll find great exploration points like Morgan Kunda Lodge and Kunkilling forest, before going back towards the coast through Georgetown. Your journey will then take you to Tendaba Camp and Kiang West interior destinations; finally exploring Marakissa River Camp and Penyem Woods to conclude this unforgettable experience. With expert guides and photo-worthy animal encounters, this trip is a must-do for any nature enthusiast looking for a once-in-a-lifetime journey!

Trip Itinerary

What is included?

Airport Transfer

Double or twin accommodation

Food, Water Bottle

Park Fee


Activities as described

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