gambia birding tour

12 Day Guided Tour in The Gambia and Senegal

Scheduled Date

January 4th to 16th January 2025

Trip Overview

Embark on an intense 12-day birding expedition through The Gambia and Senegal in West Africa. From your arrival at Lemon Creek Hotel on the coast, you’ll explore a variety of landscapes and habitats each day. You’ll visit rice fields, forests, wetlands, and coastlines to see as many birds as possible. These places are home to raptors, waterbirds, songbirds, nightjars and more. After you travel into Senegal to witness the Parc De Djoud and Podor region’s unique birdwatching opportunities, you’ll return to The Gambia for a stay at Bansang Riverside Lodge and Tendaba Camp. Finally, end your adventure with a memorable boat trip along River Gambia’s creeps that’s filled with herons, storks eagles and more. Your tour is guided by experts who know the best spots for bird-watching

Trip Itinerary

What is included?

Airport Transfer

Double or twin accommodation

Food, Water Bottle

Park Fee


Activities as described

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