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The largest and most important wildlife reserve in Gambia is the Kiang West National Park. In 1987 the park was announced as a national park which is managed by the Gambia Department of Parks and Wildlife Management.

​​​​​​​Kiang West National Park

Location & Geography

The Kiang West National Park covers an area of 115.26 square kilometres. The park is situated near the Gambia River in Kiang West District. The park’s control centre is located in Dumbuto Village. It takes 18 minutes to drive away from Tendaba village and 90 minutes from capital city Banjul to reach the village. The village is also 100 kilometers far from the Gambian coastline which takes 62 minutes driving away. The park is divided into 3 section called The Jarin, Jali and Nagningkoi. There are some villages around the park but the park is unpopulated. ​​​​​​​


Kiang West National Park is an important sanctuary for Gambian wildlife, as individuals of most of its remaining mammal species are found within it. These mammals include the followings-

Majestic Mammals

Wandering Elephant freely in their natural habitat is a magnificent sight. From leopard to the beautiful gazelle, the park is home to a diversity of animal species, fostering a dynamic ecosystem that balances predator and prey.

Aquatic Wonders

The waterways within the park are teeming with life. Crocodiles lurk beneath the surface, while hippos bask along the riverbanks. The diversity of aquatic life here adds a unique dimension to the overall biodiversity of the park.

Reptilian Realm 

Kiang West is also a sanctuary for various reptiles, from the mighty Nile monitor lizard to the smaller, yet equally fascinating, chameleons. Explore the reptilian realm and marvel at the adaptations that allow these creatures to thrive in their surroundings.

Insect Ballet 

Even the smallest inhabitants of Kiang West play a crucial role in the ecosystem. The air is alive with the delicate dance of butterflies, and the buzz of insects adds a ​​​​​​​symphonic backdrop to the safari experience. Take a closer look at the tiny marvels that often go unnoticed.

Kiang West National Park


There are more than 600 bird species are found in all over Gambia. Among all of them there are around 300 bird species found in the Kiang West National Park. By visiting the park only anyone can watch and enjoy half of the birds in Gambia that fascinate the bird lovers very much. Some of the bird species in the park have a relatively restricted range and are infrequently seen in other parts of the Gambia. There are 21 species of raptors, including vultures, eagles, falcons, harriers, and hawks. During the dry season, there are a good deal of raptor birds in the park. Ten different varieties of kingfishers, ground hornbills, and the endangered brown-necked parrot, which breeds in the park’s mangroves, are among the other bird species found there. Other bird species with restricted populations in the Gambia include the white-fronted black-chat, Dorst’s cisticola, Burchell’s courser, brown-rumped bunting, and chestnut-crowned sparrow-weaver. The park’s official emblem is a species of short-tailed eagle called a bateleur. The bateleur frequents the park from July to September in search of pigeons and sandgrouse.

Trees & Plants

There are different types of trees that make it the best living place for birds and animals. Among them Baobab, Pterocarpus erinaceus, red acacia, Terminalia macroptera, Ceiba pentandra, Prosopis africana, and Ficus species are the park’s tree species. In grass species Andropogon is one of them.

Book & Travel

The magnificent park is visited by few people every year to enjoy the diverse wildlife and birds. The best months to travel are from November to January. Dumbutu is where the park’s administrative offices are situated. The most well-known starting point for excursions into the national park is Tendaba Camp in Tendaba village, which has been operating since the 1970s. Tourists can find accommodations in the camp’s chalets. The park’s road network needs to be improved. Visitors can view wildlife at Tubabkollon Point, which is northeast of the park and close to a sandy beach along the Gambia River. The park is gaining popularity as a great location for birdwatching. To book your trip please contact with us. We will give you an excellent experience of adventuring in the Kiang West National Park.

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