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The Gambia is a small country located in West Africa and is a popular destination for bird enthusiasts. With over 560 species of birds recorded in the country, the Gambia offers a great opportunity for bird watching. The best time for birding in Gambia is between October and March, when many migratory birds flock to the country.

The Gambia is known for its diverse bird life, with species ranging from tiny sunbirds to large vultures. The country’s varied habitats, including mangroves, savannahs, and forests, provide a home to many different bird species. The Gambia is also home to several important bird reserves, including the Abuko Nature Reserve and the Tanji Bird Reserve. ​​​​​​​

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Best Seasons For Bird Watching

The best time for birding in Gambia is between October and March, when the majority of migratory birds have arrived in the country. During this time, birders can see a variety of bird species, including both resident and migratory birds. The Gambia is also home to several important bird reserves, making it an excellent destination for bird watching. ​​​​​​​

Standard-winged Nightjar

Photo Credit: Standard-winged Nightjar – Karanta Camera

​​​​​​​First Season

​​​​​​​In Gambia, the birding season begins in October, making it the ideal time to watch a variety of migratory species. Many species, including the European Bee-eater, Northern Wheatear, and Willow Warbler, arrive in the country around this time. It’s a great time to go bird watching because more and more migrating birds are coming to the Gambia as the season goes on.

​​​​​​Second Season

The best months to go birding in Gambia are December and January when most migrating birds have already arrived. The greatest time to see a variety of bird species, such as the Cattle Egret, Black-crowned Night Heron, and African Harrier-Hawk, is now. During this time, a lot of birders travel to the Gambia to see these magnificent birds.

Third Season

As many birds are in their breeding plumage in February and March, these months are also excellent for birding in the Gambia. The gorgeous and colourful Kingfishers, Rollers, and Hornbills can be seen right now. The African Grey Parrot, African Pitta, and Abyssinian Roller are just a few of the many breeding bird species that can be found in the Gambia during these months.

Best Way For Birding Tour

The best way to experience bird life in Gambia is by going on a guided birding tour. There are many tour operators in the country that offer bird-watching tours, and they will take you to the best birding spots in the Gambia. These tours are led by expert guides who know the best places to see the various bird species and will also provide you with a wealth of information about the birds.
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